ERAN BEERI Photography


I'm a simple black coffee kind of guy, but I can enjoy a good espresso. I have dined at small Mexican restaurants, Indian palaces, and the most impressive chef tables, but give me a good plate of hummus and I'm yours.

I am addicted to photography, and I am at my best when I hold a camera. Photography opened the world for me. I've been around, travelled across the globe and didn't hold back, but my heart is still in Tel Aviv where I was born and raised, surfed and partied.

I recently got back to my martial arts practice which has been a big part of my life growing up. Call it a mid-life crisis and laugh all you want, but if it wasn't for this than walking Johnny, our Brindle colored French bulldog, or chasing our fat orange cat off my desk would have been the only sport I'd be doing.

My family is everything to me. My wife, Yael, and I live just outside of Tel Aviv with our two not-anymore-so-little girls; Maya and Shira. Romy, my eldest, gives me a reason to go to Paris now and then, and you will not hear me complain. I fly a lot.

I also spend long hours on the screen editing images. It is not that uncommon for Maya and Shira to crack up laughing when they see me dancing in my chair while I edit, with my headphones on, ignoring the world around me. Deep-house and electro music is very often the soundtrack of these marathons.

To break away from all this we started a family tradition a few years ago, making an effort to take at least one month off in Goa every winter. We call it our mini relocation program, and it always reminds us how little we really need in life, and what happiness is all about.

Give me a call. let's talk. Who knows; we might end up being friends for life 🙂